“How long does it take?”

We typically break our process into three stages of design;

  • Preliminary Design
  • Production Design
  • Engineering 


    Preliminary Design usually takes the longest, working on the conceptual design. This is where doors and walls are moved around and room arrangements are explored. Preliminary Design is the fun part. It is the creative stage and we put no time limits on this stage of design.

Typically it focuses on the floor plan[s], and how long this stage takes is largely up to the client. If you know what you want, the preliminary design won’t take long. However, if we need to explore a variety of ideas and options to find the arrangement you’re happy with, more time is needed. In short, some projects only take a few weeks and some projects take a year or more. An average time of 2-3 months would be a realistic allowance.


Production Design begins after you’ve approved the preliminary designs for production. You’re satisfied with the floor plan and no more changes will be made to the plans. Work now begins preparing the engineering-ready plans. All of the various construction drawings required for both engineering & permitting are drawn up and energy & general code compliance is established and documented during the production stage.

How long the production stage takes is largely based on the size and complexity of the project, as well as our current workload.  It generally takes about 2-4 weeks to run a project through production, depending upon our current workload.


Engineering typically takes at least 8 weeks, and 9-10 weeks is a more realistic allowance. Our certified engineering services are outsourced to a 3rd party firm with its own production schedule. Of course, you’re not obligated to use their services if you have an engineering firm you would prefer to work with.

A time-saving alternative to a certified engineered design is a prescriptively engineered design. By designing your project prescriptively the need for certified stamped engineering, and the additional wait-time is avoided. Prescriptive engineering is done in-house, as we design, and compliance is determined on a plan-by-plan basis during the preliminary design stage, as not all designs qualify for prescriptive engineering.

In total, although some projects may be completed more quickly, allow at least 4-6 months time for the design & planning of your home, depending upon the complexity of the project. This will allow us the time to work with you to fully explore your design needs, and also properly prepare your set of permit-ready engineered plans for permitting.


Matt Brosnan, Owner